Song's Music Class

Solfege vol.1

Solfège is a method of naming pitches. It works by assigning a syllable to each note of the musical scale.

At the Solfege vol1 it is introducing the basic concept of Solfege; Diatonic scales, assigned syllables and some practices. 

Solfege vol. 3

Solfège vol.3 is about Solfège in the Sight-Rading. 

Solfege vol. 2

Solfège vol.2 is about chromatic notes. By practicing Blues, we get used to the notes that are being used more often. Eventually we get to learn all the syllables of chromatic notes.

Solfege vol. 4

Solfège vol.4 is about how to apply Solfège in the Improvisations technique. 

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