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Upcoming Performance


Rolex Arts Festival

20 Years of Rolex Arts Initiative Programme 

Athen, Greece

Gala Ceremony 26th of May

Performance with Dianne Reeves

31/05/2023 Wednesday

Jazz im Seefeld 
Mareike Wiening group

Mareike Wiening - drums

Lukas Traxel - bass

Fabio Gouvea - guitar

Nils Wogram - trumbone

Song Yi Jeon - voice

GZ Riesbach19:30uhr 

28/06/2023 Wednesday

Jazz im Seefeld
Song Yi Jeon & Vinicius Gomes

CD release tour in Europe


Vinicius Gomes - guitar, composition

Song Yi Jeon - voice, composition

GZ Riezbach 19:30uhr, Switzerland

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